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A first in South Africa

No card machine needed

All you need is your cellphone to process transactions.

Generate more sales

Turn your smartphone into a mobile point of sale device. Now everyone can accept card payments no matter the size of your business.

Pure Pay Connect works two-fold. You have a web interface where you can manage all your sales data, customers and linked devices (connected smartphones running our app). The app itself will be the second interface where you or your employees can request payments, add new customers or create job reports.

You can perform all these functions directly from within your web interface platform as well.

Web Interface

The web interface allows owners and managers to manage their day-to-day tasks and their employees


Info Dashboard

Get an instant overview of all your transactions, linked devices, and employee locations right from within your dashboard

Automatic invoicing

Once your customer has paid, Pure Pay Connect will automatically email them their invoice, branded with your company logo.

Multiple device linking and tracking

Link multiple smartphones to your web account so you can have multiple employees accepting payments anytime and anywhere

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your employees containing details of their next job. The address will open in GPS for easy navigation so no time is wasted trying to find the address

Import, export and create customers

Upload your customer database to the web platform for easy access from within the mobile app or create your new customer from within the mobile app or web platform.

Generate Job Reports

Generate job reports directly from the mobile app so you can see exactly what was done and the time spend. Take before and after photos.

Mobile App

We refer to every smartphone running Pure Pay Connect as a linked device. You have to register a smartphone to your web platform before it can use the app.
Once added, it will receive its own login details via the email address used for the linked device. See the mobile app in action.

Now follow these 5 simple steps to get started


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Easy Payments

Secure Payment Gateway on your mobile smart phone with 4 easy payment options to choose from.


Multiple Users / Devices

Have many employees on the road? Link multiple devices. Choose from our affordable packages to best fits your needs.


Easy Communication & Notifications

Communicate effortless with your employees on the road, deliver new instructions or request progress updates.

Web Management Interface

Manage all your linked devices, see reporting on completed work and payment reports and send and receive notifications.


Reporting with Photos

Employees can complete a onsite report with photos of the work done. Instantly view your employee report from within your web interface panel.


Employee / Profile Management

Employee profile mangement with profile picture. Track what your employees do and view their reporting.

Why people choose Pure Pay Connect

Affordable Instant Mobile Payments Solution so you can get paid as soon as the job is complete

Easy Build in Reporting so you can keep track of your employees progress and payments on completed work.

Be Professional, impress your customers, use Pure Pay Connect and have the Edge over your competitors.

Follow our 5 step guide on how to get started now.

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Follow our 5 step guide on how to get started now