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1How to use Pure Pay Connect.
Pure Pay Connect©, is a smart and secure mobile payment solution for Apple and Android devices. We have developed some nifty Quick Start Guides available below to help you understand Pure Pay Connect and to get you started as soon as possible.
2What payment options are supported by Pure Pay Connect?
Pure Pay Connect currently supports 4 (four) payment options

1.) - instant EFT's

2.) - Master -and Visa Cards

3.) - Masterpass

4.) - VISA Checkout

Unfortunately, non real-time transactions as offered by Sage Pay are not supported by Pure Pay Connect.
Refer to the Pay Now Module Configuration guide below to correctly configure your Sage Pay settings.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for more FAQ's.

Quick Start Guides

1 Pure Pay Connect Web Admin Interface
Click here to download our Web Admin Interface - Quick Start Guide.
2 Pure Pay Connect Mobile Device Interface
Click here to download our Mobile Device Interface - Quick Start Guide.
3 Pay Now Module Configuration
Click here to download our Sage Pay - Pay Now Module Config - Quick Start Guide.
4 System User Permissions Configuration
Click here to download the Sage Pay System User Permissions - Quick Start Guide.
You will need a .pdf viewer to read our Quick Start Guides.