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Meet Bob the
Delivery man

Bob The Delivery Man use Pure Pay Connect

Bob does door-to-door deliveries of orders for his company. He needs payment on delivery of the goods. Bob makes use of Pure Pay Connect to get paid instantly and effortlessly.

Meet Peter the
Mobile Plumber

Peter the plumber use Pure Pay Connect

When your pipes or drain needs a fix, Peter's company will send him to your home to fix your problem instantly. They want to get paid instantly, so they make use of Pure Pay Connect.

Meet Susan the
Mobile Doctor

Susan the mobile Doctor use Pure Pay Connect

Susan is a General Practitioner who does regular house visits to diagnose her sick patients at their home. She can also get paid instantly with Pure Pay Connect.

Meet Ally's
Cleaning Service

Ally's cleaning services use Pure Pay Connect

Ally owns a cleaning services. She visits homes and businesses every day with her team to clean and assist with keeping things tidy. Ally uses Pure Pay Connect for easy mobile payments.

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