What is Pure Pay Connect?

Pure Pay Connect©, is a smart and secure mobile payment request solution. Our business tool provides you with the power of a portable point of sale device at your fingertips, without the cost and need of any extra card machine devices.


What payment options are supported by Pure Pay Connect?

Pure Pay Connect currently supports 4 (four) payment options

1.)  - instant EFT's
• You will be notified immediately when payment has been made, ensuring goods or services can be dispatched without delay.
• Your clients can now make real-time payments from 6 major banks without having to recapture any bank details, leaving no room for error.
• Instant EFT is a guaranteed method of payment that ensures no chargebacks or fraud.

2.)  - Master -and Visa Cards
• Accept local and international MasterCard ™ and VISA ™ payments.
• No need for credit card merchant facilities at your bank.
• Our transactions are 3D secure, protecting you from fraud and reducing chargebacks.

3.)  - Masterpass
• Offer your clients the convenience of using their Masterpass digital wallet.
• Masterpass allows for hassle-free, secure online payments from their connected device.

4.)  - VISA Checkout
• Helps increase conversion through a streamlined checkout process to capture sales that would otherwise be lost.
• Supports your business growth with an expanding ecosystem of participating banks and merchants, which is building the VISA Checkout user base and offers the potential for new customers.
• Reduces fraud. With advanced security tools, such as device fingerprinting and step-up authentication, which authenticate consumers before they make a purchase.


How does it actually work?

Pure Pay Connect is a  mobile device driven payment request solution with lots of extra features and functions. The mobile device is activated and linked via a secure web interface  - the one you as the boss man will have access to, to see what your staff are doing.
You can have several mobile devices linked to your secure web interface, all with their own reports, payment data, etc.

  • The mobile device/s allows you/your staff to take payments in the field, create mobile job cards +, manage customer details and lots, lots more. Read more here. All from a FREE app download!
  • The secure web interface does even more! It has all the features that the mobile device interface has but also extra's like reports, device -and customer management etc. etc. etc.


I'm a sole proprietor (not a registered CC / PTY) - can I use Pure Pay Connect?

YES! As long as you are a South African citizen.


What currencies are supported by Pure Pay Connect?

Pure Pay Connect can process any ZAR based transaction.
This means as the transactions are acquired in South Africa, we are only allowed to process South African Rand based transactions BUT, you can accept Master and/or Visa debit or credit card transactions from anywhere in the world.
Just note that these transactions are processed in Rand value and not as a foreign currency value.


What do I need to use Pure Pay Connect?

You will need a mobile device that can access the internet. If you can Google from your device, you can use Pure Pay Connect!

First Step is to complete the online web registration before you can use the mobile app.


Can I use my Android or Apple device?

Yes, we have an iPhone and  Android version available form the Apple App and the Google Play Store.


Do I need a mobile Point of Sale (card machine) device?

 No, you don't need any special PoS devices, business bank accounts, etc. All you need is a smartphone.
If you can Google from your device - you can use Pure Pay Connect!